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In 2003, VEMA Corporation was founded by CEO, Mr. Rudy Vega, along with his wife Margie Vega. The Vega’s interest in providing services for individuals with developmental disabilities is a result of Mr. Vega having an uncle diagnosed with Down Syndrome, whom he assisted in caring for growing up. The Vega’s also have history of working with children diagnosed with development disabilities in the Texas and Arizona School Districts. The amount of compassion, support, and respect we give our residents is a direct reflection of Rudy and Margie Vega.

At VEMA our management utilizes a TEAM approach, working in conjunction with residents, physicians, psychiatrists, counselors, families/guardians, case managers, VEMA staff, and other support systems to better stabilize the daily living experience for our residents. Our treatment approach aims to enhance the everyday living experience for all of our residents. 


Support – Residents are supported above and beyond with a friendly, honest and well trained staff.


Compassion – Strong positive relationships based on trust and good communication allow residents to far exceed their potential.


Respect – Staff is trained and aware of the diversity of our residents and their abilities.


Dignity – Providing dignity driven care that promotes care at all levels; psychological, physical and social.


At VEMA our mission is to provide the best residential facilities to adults with developmental disabilities in the state of Arizona. We provide every resident with the best support system possible, while exceeding the expectation of care in each of our facilities.


VEMA Corporation is dedicated to providing STRUCTURE, STABILITY, AND EXCEPTIONAL CARE for all individuals. By ASSISTING our residents in becoming as independent as possible, we believe they will improve the quality of living in their home, community and everyday life.

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