Our organization is using CDC guidelines to protect our homes, and stop the spread of COVID-19

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PPE Provided For All Staff

& Members

We have provided all staff and members with masks and protective eyewear to ensure that safety of our homes and stop the spread of COVID-19.

Increased Sanitation Measures

All staff have been supplied with an adequate amount of cleaning solutions to efficiently sanitize the homes, and keep our members and staff safe.

Limited Exposure &

Alternative Activities

Members have been provided with alternate in home activities and limited community outings to ensure their safety.

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Telemed Appointments Using Zoom & VSee

VEMA is working in conjunction with medical professionals by using Zoom and VSee for non-emergency appointments.

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Routine Temperature & Symptom Monitoring

Staff are required to take their temperature upon arrival, as well as our member's temperature. Staff routinely monitor members for symptoms.

CDC Guideline Implementation

Our management team is consistently reviewing CDC guidelines and implementing updated safety protocols to ensure that the safety of our homes is not compromised.

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