Programs that ENHANCE the daily-living experience

Group Therapy Sessions

Prayer Group

We offer our members opportunities to express themselves with Art for the Heart, and to grow spiritually with group Bible Study sessions, and Anger Management Sessions. These sessions are offered in group settings, as well as in the home with their fellow housemates.

Work Program


We offer members a chance to make a positive impact within their home by providing responsibilities that include but not limited to: taking out the trash, assisting with car washes, organizing room. All responsibilities are monitored and completed with staff present.

Group Outings


We group outings to various locations including but not limited to: Equine Therapy at Robinson's Ranch, bowling, Glendale Adult Center and Glendale Public Library and more. 


Due to COVID-19 these activities have been put on hold.

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Seasonal Events

Christmas Tree Ornaments

We offer our members a chance to participate in seasonal celebrations such as: Valentine's Day, Cinco De Mayo, Fourth of July, Christmas and New Years. We preschedule all group celebrations or in home celebrations in advance. We provide our homes with food and drinks for both members and staff

In Home Activities


We provide our homes with various in home games and activities such as board games, art supplies. Members also have the chance to engage in their own in home approved activities such as video games, exercise and more!

More Programs

Team Talk

VEMA is constantly finding new ways for our members to engage and grow in their homes and community. 


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