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Be the home, where caring is the culture.


Our vision as an organization, team and family is to provide an environment where structure, stability, and exceptional care is provided for all by VALUING and EMPOWERING individuals through MENTORSHIP and ADVOCACY; Providing Support, Compassion, Respect and Dignity allowing individuals to THRIVE in their everyday lives.


VEMA Corporation is a family owned organization founded by Rudy and Margie Vega. The Vega's purpose for providing services to people with developmental disabilities and TBI is a result of Mr. Vega caring for an uncle with Down Syndrome growing up.


The Vega's have worked with many children and adults with developmental disabilities and TBI in the states of Texas and Arizona. The Vega family has provided residential services with complete coordination of care for 18 years.


The amount of compassion and support that is provided to the members of VEMA is a direct reflection of the Vega Family Vision.


Structure - Providing a structured living environment for our members to thrive in.

Support - Supporting and encouraging our members to strive for more in their lives and in the community.

Respect - Respecting the appropriate privacy, needs and wants of our residents in their homes.

Compassion - Ensuring that compassion is at the heart of all of our services, programs and activities.

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